A Teenager's First Set of Wheels

This 1989 Ford Ranger was purchased as my daughter's first vehicle in Feb 2008. It didn't look this good when we bought it, but the idea was that if she put effort into it to make it hers, she would take care of it. They made it through high school and several years without major problems. Originally it had a 2.3L 4cyl engine with an A4LD transmission - pretty much a factory setup

It took just over a year to get the truck into a road worthy, looking great condition. The pages below capture the work that was done, by the whole family to get the truck ready for that ultimate day of 16 1/2 when the state would officially allow my daughter to drive. She then drove Pepe through the rest of high school and off to college, until Dec 2013 when Pepe was in an accident. He was too much a part of the family now to just give up on and the damage was minor, so the rebuild began.

The site has been updated to include the work to rebuild after the accident, complete with a new paint job and upgraded interior. The rebuild was completed in Nov 2015.

Tech Specs: 1989 Ford Ranger, 3.0 V6 engine with 5 speed manual transmission, 4.11 rear end gears, 2" lift kit front and rear, 15" American Racing rims and 30" tires, 2WD.

Customizations: Paint, front bumper, rear bumper, chrome side mirrors, interior, and the above drive train

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Step 1 - Original Condition and Work

  • Page 1 - original condition and cleanup
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Step 2 - Body work and Painting

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Step 3 - Drive It Hard

  • Page 1 - drag racing, deep snow, and brake job
  • Page 2 - (Aug 2010) Seatbelts and new carpet
  • Page 3 - (Dec 2011) Gas tank float, window felts, door seals, and a seat cover

Step 4 - Rebuild Pepe After an Accident

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  • Page 1 - Accident, 20 Dec 2013
  • Page 2 - Repairs to the Front End
  • Page 3 - (June 2015) More Body Work
  • Page 4 - New paint job
  • Page 5 - Painting continues
  • Page 6 - Reassembly and Interior
  • Page 7 - (Nov 2015) Restored and Back on theRoad
  • Page 8 - Before and After
  • Page 9 - More changes
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Off-Road Adventures

  • Page 1 - Tasker's Gap and Peter's Mill, July 2016
  • Page 2 - Tasker's Gap and Peter's Mill, May 2017
  • Page 3 - Rousch Creek, PA May 2018

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