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This is the original transmission cover.

Now the cover has been cleaned up and polished.

We didn't get the timing chain quite right, so we had to adjust it.

Kurt decided to powdercoat chrome the valve cover.

Since powdercoating needs to bake in an oven, we needed an oven. We tried purchasing a used oven, but it didn't actually work we when got it home. Rather than waste more money, we used the kitchen oven for this.

The powdercoating came out looking good. Not as shiny as real chrome, but less shiny is what he wanted.

This is the bracket that holds the headlight in place. The front is chrome, but the back side had been neglected over the years. We cleaned it up and coated it with POR 15 and POR Top Coat.

We located a different luggage rack that was closer and modified it to fit. It will be powdercoat chromed to match the engine. We had to fabricate the mounting brackets. The seat flips up on this bike to allow access to the battery. The luggage rack interferred with the seat operation, so we had to adjust the mounting brackets until it worked well.

The luggage rack was disassembled and sprayed with powdercoat.

Then each piece was prepped to go into the oven.

These are handy pliers to have for removing hot bracketry from the oven.

Time for the next piece. Believe it or not, this really did not stink up the house. I'm very sensitive to harsh oders and I barely smelled anything.

Looking good. Just one more piece to go.

The finished rack mounted on the bike.

Now she is starting to come together.

All the painted parts were put back onto the bike. There is still some cleanup to do.

Done and ready to roll out of the shop. Don't try this door with a car!

Looking sharp all cleaned up. Sadie approves.

This is a very different look than what we picked up on the trailer.

The Jawbreaker panels on the side should catch a lot of attention, probably as much as Flag does.

One bay in the garage house five bikes - 2 Shadows (1995 & 2016), 2 Rebels (1986 & 2018), and the KZ.

The second side panels are finally on the bike. The Jawbreaker panels are inside the house for now. And it's hard to tell from this angle, but there is another change in this stable - the 2018 Rebel has been replaced by a 2000 Rebel 250. That's a "short story" for another time.

We managed to catch a warm winter day in between ice storms and pulled all the bikes out to start them. Since I finally had sunshine, it was time to photograph this beauty.

It's quite a change from what we picked up, both in style of ride and in safety.

This is a nice looking bike.

She's a bit tall in the saddle for me, so I'll let Kurt keep this one.


Original Condition
Original Condition