Typical British Sports Car

Picture of Betsy taken 21 June 2010

This 1963 MG B was purchased from my Dad. He had purchased it in very rough condition and restored it to this condition, but found that my Mom couldn't drive it. The throw length for the clutch requires a very long leg to put the pedal to the floor. Eventaully Dad decided that he didn't want to drive this little thing, so he sold it to us.

Tech Specs: 1963 MG B 4 cyl, 1800cc, 4 speed with overdrive

What else can I say - it's a British sports car. It needs constant tinkering and routine maintence, coupled with a few new parts because the old ones are just worn out.

Step 1 - Purchased Condition

  • Page 1 - arrival, along with parts
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Step 2 - Engine Work

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Step 3 - Body Work

  • Page 1 - front end realignment of unibody
  • Page 2 - windshield, rims, and splines

Step 4 - Show Time


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