Original Condition

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The KZ came home in a rain storm on the flatbed trailer. The owner had it in a storage unit and had not ridden it since some work was done to it.

The seat was cloth, so we took that off to prevent damage in the rain. The previous owner was trying for a modified look.

I apologize for the fuzziness of these pictures. I didn't realize until much later that the lens had fogged up from the humidity outside. But this is the best shot that I have of the bike as we bought it, with the seat on.

Zipties to hold things together on a motorcycle. Not my preferred way.

It's a nice looking bike, from the front. It is a very nice metallic blue.
The wheelbase had been lengthened with a longer swing arm and the shocks removed completely. Not to mention the aftermarket rear fender, handle bars, and mirrors. And I prefer chrome over blacked out any day!

Cleaned up and dried off. Time to figure out just what the shop the owner had some work done at had actually done, starting with the duck tail rear fender.

Mirrors have been replaced and the front badge removed.

The handlebars should be further back, about where Kurt's hands are.

The license plate light just isn't our style.

The chrome on the chain guard is flaking off and rust is trying to take over.

In order to fit the fender, the rear frame had the mounting plate relocated to the back of the crossbar with a couple of tack welds. We moved the plate back and welded it on solid.

The previous owner wanted the original tank back, which had a lot of rust along the bottom seam anyway. We found a replacement on eBay. We also removed the swing arm that the shop had added to lengthen the wheelbase and sourced an original swing arm. It's a good thing too because the hard tail support bar was only held on by a couple of threads on the bolt.

We also found an original chrome fender and taillight. The fender bolted right onto the bracket we moved back. The more we dug into the bike, the more problems we found. We heard later that the shop went out of business. With the workmanship we found, we can understand why.

The bike had been stored so long that Kurt decided to rebuild the carbs and clean out the bad gas.

The replacement tank will need a little bit of body work. In the meantime, Kurt found a blue that closely matched the side panel and did a quick scuff and shoot just so the bike would look better as we test drove it after the repairs.

With the carbs cleaned out and the original fender in place, we decided to see how it would run.

Kurt let our son ride it, with the understanding to keep the speed down on the street.

Then it was Kurt's turn to ride it.

Not a bad looking bike, but it wasn't running right yet.

We hunted around and thought we had found a luggage rack for it on eBay. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit the stock mounting holes.

Time to tear this bike down and restore it.


Original Condition
Original Condition