1966 Chevrolet Chevelle

Picture of Chevelle

A friend dropped by in Dec 2019 with a 1966 Chevelle he had recently purchased and wanted both opinions and some work done on it. He had always wanted a classic to drive and had been setting aside the funds to get the one he wanted. He found this one that was a close enough starting point, it just needed a "few" changes. So he brought it over to get an estimate for the work.

Original Tech Specs: 1966 Chevelle, big block 396 SS, 4 speed, stock 4-wheel drum manual brakes, power steering, lowered height, stock GM 12 bolt rear axle

Tech Specs after changes 1966 Chevelle: big block fuel injected 396 SS, 4 speed automatic, stock GM 12 bolt rear axle, dual exhaust, 4-wheel disc brakes, upgrade suspension, stock height, AC, tilt steering wheel, upgraded radio

Step 1 - Original Condition

  • Page 1 - nice, previously restored beauty
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Step 2 - Repairs and Upgrades

  • Page 1 - ignition, fuel injection, power brakes
  • Page 2 - transmission, instrument cluster
  • Page 3 - radio, sound proofing

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