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1956 Chevy Sedan Delivery

Picture of the SD taken 4 July 2019

Our daughter's friend needed to get rid of this Sedan Delivery as they were selling the house and had no place to store it. He had a choice between keeping this '56 Sedan Delivery or the 1944 Dodge M37- he finally chose the Dodge. Another friend advised him to call us, knowing that we already had two 1956 Chevys. I knew instantly from the picture we were doomed to add yet another project vehicle to the garage. I told our daughter to show Dad, even though I already knew his answer. Chevy only made around 10K of these during the production year, so these are a bit rare.

However, this SD needs some TLC to return her to a closer-to-stock chassis. They had grafted on the front suspension from an International and a Ford 9" rear end. The engine chosen was a 396 cu Chevy. They were trying to make a 4x4 out of the SD, sort of a Grave Digger styled off-roader. Since that isn't what we want (we already have the Bronco), we have a lot of work ahead of us.

As this is a body, frame, and lots of spare parts, we get to do the one type of project that we've never tackled - a fully modernized, custom drive train inside a mostly stock appearing body.

Curent Specs: Shell of a body with a non-rolling chassis

Planned Tech Specs: LS engine, power steering, power 4 wheel disc brakes, air conditioning, custom interior, and possibly that Ford 9", if the Wagon doesn't snag it first. We haven't decided whether manual or automatic transmission yet. Deep purple paint. Bucket seats with custom console.

Step 1 - Original Condition

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