A Daily Driver/Survivor

Picture of the Olds taken 6 May 2006

This 1978 Olds Cutlass Salon was given to a friend by his grandparents as his first car. He has driven the car daily since May 2006, except when it has been down for major repairs. The car has over 170K miles and is still going strong.

Tech Specs: 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon, Olds 260 cu V8 2brl carb with a 4 speed manual and 3:08 rear-end gears

Being a daily driver takes its toll on an older vehicle, but this one still passes emissions. While she needs paint and some interior trim work, the drive train is now solid and reliable. But as everyone knows, restoring a car takes money and the economy is tight right now. She will have to wait.

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Step 1 - Original Condition

  • Page 1 - original condition and cleanup
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Step 2 - Drive and Show

  • Page 1 - showing a daily driver/survivor
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Step 3 - Repair as You Go

  • Page 1 - engine rebuild
  • Page 2 - replace worn weatherstrip

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