Our Fair Lady

Datsun 280ZX

Picture of Fair Lady taken 9 Sept 2017

A friend was moving in July 2017 and needed help with two vehicles. One was a 1982 Toyota pickup and the other was this Datsun 280ZX. While he loved driving the Z, he older self did not like getting in and out of the low slung sports car. The pickup was just rusting out. He made us a deal: please take both, free. Ok, we couldn't pass that up. However, we chose to sell the truck and give him the money for the it. The Z would be payment for services rendered.

This Fair Lady is a complete, mostly reliable, all original driver. We had to do a tune-up, clutch, fuel pump, brakes all around, and new tires. We are still fighting an electrical gremlin that occassionally prevents the lights from working.

Tech Specs: 1982 Datsun 280ZX, strait 6cyl., 5 speed

Step 1 - Original Condition

  • Page 1 - her original pictures and some of the immediate repairs
  • Page 2 - some necessary repairs

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