"Fast Food"

Kurt Races the Wagon

Old Dominion Speedway 1/8 Mile Short Drag Strip
Old Dominion Speedway 1/8 Mile Short Drag Strip
Take one 1956 Chevy 4 door grocery getter, add one non-stock 327 engine, a posi rear end, and a driver looking for racing fun and you suddenly have Fast Food. Kurt Breon worked several months to get the engine and rear end ready, yet he was concerned about the RPM range of the torque converter in the 350 turbo trani.
327 Engine
The 327 Engine all cleaned up and purring good.
Pre-race tuning.
Pre-Race tuning.
Since he recently added the internal PCV baffle, removing and replacing the intake manifold, the timing was slightly off. Kurt did some pre-race retuning and mid-race adjustments.
Kurt lined up for his first ever drag strip run. The track was at Old Dominion Speedway in Manassas, VA. The event was the 2004 Mid-Atlantic Motor Fest held on 4 September 2004. As the race fans in the stands suddenly cheered and started betting on the old Chevy Wagon against his first competitor of the day, a later model Mitsubishi Lancer, Kurt turned towards the start line.
Lining up for the first race.
Lining up for the first race against the Lancer.
Car Number 41.
The Wagon received number 41 for the day.

The track official numbered his car and staged him at the starting line. The crowd cheered and the tree counted down. Overall, for the first ever race, the finishing stats weren't bad:

Reaction Time: 1.545 sec
1/8 Mile Time: 10.203 sec
Final Speed: 67.29 MPH

Unfortunately, the Lancer won.

Several more runs were performed, three against a Camaro, one against a late model Blazer, the Lancer, a Mustang, and alone. After the mid-race tuning, the Wagon actually beat the Camaro 2 out of 3 races. Final best specs were:

Reaction Time: .63 sec
1/8 Mile Time: 9.87 sec
Final Speed: 71.37 MPH

All races were official and one trophy was awarded for the fastest time of the day. Everyone had a fun time.

Wagon beats Camero off the line.
Way to go Kurt! Beat the Camaro.
Wagon launches from the starting line.

Kurt really launched on this run, pulling out ahead of the Camaro again.
Wagon at the end of the track on final race.
One of the last runs of the day.
By the end of several runs, the Wagon was overheating and slowing down. But it was still holding it's own against the newer and more tricked out cars. Kurt has some changes planned for the car including retuning for horsepower, a different intake manifold, and a different torque converter.
The race rules allowed for a Pit Crew and passengers for this special day. On his final run of the day, Kurt took a friend for a ride. "I had to brace in," the passenger reported afterward. That old grocery getter sure has some punch power, just not enough to break both tires loose. Kurt plans to "fix that".
Returning from final race.
Kurt and a passenger head back after their final run.
Wagon sitting pretty.
Still sitting pretty at the end of the day.

From tame 1950's grocery getter to Fast Food, you can't kill an old Chevy!